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Apr. 15th, 2009


(no subject)

I find myself on the edge of something.
Something is strained, stressed as if a breaking is imminent but I can't tell if it's good or bad and that frightens me.

Jan. 17th, 2009


I'm a LADY

I got my Award of Arms not too long ago, so now I'm 'Lady' such and some.

The thought makes me giggle.

Fellow Scadians will get the first line.

Those who REALLY know me will get the second.

Oct. 28th, 2008


A Sonnet?

My mom found this one in all her random scrapbook keepings of my educational career.  This one would have been written sometime in my first three years at New York University...  I'm rusty on my rules for writing sonnets but I think this is one. 

I don't even remember doing this, guess I had an angst phase after all.

Should I remain alone again tonight
Alone with slow and stagnant thoughts for friends,
For Fortune sees me not for blessings bright,
No love and Pride keeps me from my own ends.

Beneath a lonely weight my reed back bends,
So sharp the slicing pain of solitude,
False hope, false love to my dead heart he lends,
Virgin dreams dashed, dying turns my soul shrewd.

Hate holds my heart, a grip strong and crude;
And i sink to His arms welcoming
The cold of despair.  My soul has been nude,
And open to his lines of love; trapping.

There!  Scorned cherub in the form of a man.
Alas, my heart he steals coaxing by hand.

Sep. 4th, 2008


Demons in my head

my head is possessed

not me, not my soul, not my body

just my head

with snot demons...

vile creatures and their sinus infection sneak attack...

Aug. 10th, 2008



Weddings of the Chinese variety with the tea ceremonies and the banquets  and the endless elderly realatives of the bride and groom flocking around you insisting that you try the roasted pig and roasted duck and weirdly cold but tasty chicken.

Weddings of the Chinese variety with Western traditions fused in are also very exhausting especially when you end up pulling some brides maid type duties because you happen to be there with an empty pair of hands and who can really stand by and watch the bride's ever smiling mother struggle with a vase of flowers that are half  her size?

I did get to stuff my face with the oddest assortment of real...and I mean REAL Chinese cuisine and three kinds of cake (fruit layer, chocolate mousse and lemon) and I got to sit next to a pretty cute groomsman from New York and man o  man have I forgotten the different level of conversation you can have with NYBoys.

SoCal was nice to me. 


Aug. 5th, 2008


WAAAAHHHHH Not enough time dammit!!!!

 ARGH!!! Fates are determined to deprive me of lazy Saturday mornings...Why fates why???

Next weekend I'm going to a friend's wedding.  Its a nice occasion sure and I get fed at this massively huge Chinese banquet and they even made present shopping SUPER easy cuz they're well...Chinese and  therefore doing the whole red envelope thing which is nifty-keen!  But I have to fly to LA for said wedding which means occasionally OCD little me HAS to clean my damn house or I'll stress about it the whole time I'm gone and I have to get up early on Saturday for the wedding so even tho Im on a mini vacation I'm still not getting to be lazy...

I really really want to be lazy...I'm so very good at it.

I mean...I've been so busy I haven't bought comics in a month and yeah they are a monthly publication but they don't all come out the same day of said month and new stuff ships in every Thursday, dig?

And...AND...the greatest travesty of them all...I havent seen Dark Knight yet.  I fail as a fan girl.  I mean its only a story based on one of the greatest Batman stories (Killing Joke) and eras (Loeb/Sale) ever and I havent seen it yet!!  Failed I say...
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Jul. 28th, 2008

garment study

Bad Haiku...I was soooo bored

As usual the
Frosted land hid dangers that
Delicately killed

Flawless was the sky
Above my head blue topaz
Was spread ever stilled

Monet painted girls
Boating on a mirror lake
They help the day pass


Jul. 15th, 2008



Antenna jockey....

Fellow Scadians will know what I mean.

I tried my first fencing practice on Sunday.  It was awesome, I had sooo much fun and I didn't do too badly for my first day ever.  His Excellency even complimented my effort...wheee!!

I even participated in my first tournament.  I lost but I lost very well, heh.

Now I'm sore but I'm happy and already plotting how to make some fencer garb.

Funny that it took the SCA to turn me into a jock.  


Jul. 10th, 2008



so it sucks when  heroes  die on you

even though i know 

I know


that people are fragile mortal things there's this little girl optimist in me that thinks they'll be around at least semi forever...at least until I have that chance to meet them again...hopefully get past my shyness to actually ask an intelligent question and say something beyond 'oh my god i love your work thank you so much for signing these'...


I'm really  going to miss Mike Turner...

Jun. 19th, 2008


What is with the touching???

so there's this one older lady I work with who wont stop touching me...

and I'm a certified pet-freak...give me hugs and tickles and puppy piles and rough housing and cuddling...humans and puppy dogs make the best furniture...but even I dont go about laying my hands on people I don't know and/or people I maintain a working/professional relationship with (puppy piles are generally frowned upon by the upper so and sos of AT&T)...

i can tolerate shoulder patting, one armed hugging, even pig tail pulling but when we get to outright tickling?  at work?  Where one is usually on the phone coordinating service transfers of multimillion dollar omni ring type things and the like...kinda not kosher.

And then today, I'm chit chatting with a fellow comic buff...basic polite morning convo, when this lady drags a fingernail across my shoulder blades which makes me yelp at an inappropriate volume and leaves me feeling mighty uncomfortable cuz fingernail-to-back type activities???

Thats outright uncalled for...I'd gloat and joke that I was getting hit on except that 1. girls are always more trouble than expected and 2. she's old enough to be my mom...yick...

and if things couldnt get worse...a skeeter bit me on the ankle...right where my tennies rub against...woe, doom and much sadness...

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